Denise Richards’ Gorgeous Skin Secret

Megan Segura

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Denise Richards may have started out as a sexy vixen who liked making out with girls in pools (well, at least her character in Wild Things did), but she has transitioned into a supermom, girl-next-door type who happens to be the new face of OROGOLD Cosmetics. I wanted to know how she maintains her amazing complexion and, more importantly, her toned arms.

While most celebrities are treated to some of the most expensive spa treatments out there, Denise confessed she rarely even gets a facial. “I have very little free time. I will say my favorite thing of the [OROGOLD] line is the Tèrmica Mask ($598, It gets really warm and heated on your face, and then I put a serum on it and it cools down. It heats up your face with all the yummy ingredients and it also helps with the collagen and anti-aging.”

Aside from her glow, the thing that strikes me most when I see Denise are her toned arms. When asked how she maintains them, the actress said “I do Pilates, but the biggest thing that made a difference, and I’m not exaggerating, was carrying my youngest daughter for two years. Carrying her car seat, stroller, wagon — it worked out for me.”

Denise’s healthy lifestyle also includes getting beautiful from the inside out. “I’ve always had a healthy lifestyle,” she said. “And I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Also a lot of oils — olive oils. I think avocado helps keep everything really moisturized. I have dry skin, so I try to do things that will keep my skin moisturized without breaking out.”

And when it comes to the stranger beauty trends out there, Denise doesn’t take part. “I’m not into all that. People keep telling me I need to try the fish eating your dead skin [pedicure], but I can’t do it. I’m not one who’s super adventurous and will try all these different facials and fish-eating things. I like to keep it real and natural as much as possible.”

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