Beauty and the Real Girl: The Perfect Shine Serum

Rachel Adler

Shine Serum

Going backstage and learning tips and tricks from the professionals may be an adventure, but sometimes, the best tricks come from real girls. In “Beauty and the Real Girl,” we learn the best beauty tips, tricks and secrets from girls just like us.

When it comes to finding products that give our hair the maximum amount of shine (with the minimal amount of effort) it’s hard to find a girl who hasn’t tried and tested countless different brands and bottles. That’s why when we all find one that works, we stick with it (and spread the word). Amanda Hanowitz, and student, raves about Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum for just that reason – the lightweight product helps to tame flyaways and leaves hair looking sleek and shiny all day long.

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“I love Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum because it makes my hair look sleek and shiny all day. I apply a small amount to my palm, which goes a long way, and then scrunch and comb it through my hair. After I brush my hair, my hair dries in a natural, sleek and wavy way.”

Where to buy: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, $21,

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