‘The New Potato’ Founders on How They Deal With Cravings and Their Go-Tos for Glowing Skin

Victoria Moorhouse

the new potato interview The New Potato Founders on How They Deal With Cravings and Their Go Tos for Glowing SkinPhoto: @thenewpotato

With “gut health” and its impact on hair and skin being a topic of convo popping up left and right, food and beauty couldn’t be more intertwined. So when we got the chance to ask The New Potato founders Danielle and Laura Kosann about their approach to healthy eating, snacking for your skin, the products that boost a glow, and dealing with cravings, our excitement couldn’t be contained.

We’re betting that if avocado toast will forever get your like on Instagram, you may have already discovered their lifestyle site, The New Potato—an online destination about all things lifestyle, including how food weaves itself into influencer’s lives, the world of beauty, fashion, cities, and more. While food is forever a frontrunner on their site, their latest project came by the way of The Smart Girl’s Guide to Summer, a lowdown on skin care essentials and beauty tips, with The Body Shop.

Before we talked products, we wanted to get their take on how they manage to keep their nutrition in check when they’re constantly surrounded by so much snack inspo. “For us, it’s all about balance. Everything in moderation. We don’t ever deprive ourselves if we’re craving something, but we also try to eat really clean, wholesome, and healthy food on a day-to-day basis,” explain Danielle and Laura.

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And we’re guessing how they approach dessert cravings will be right up your alley. Hint, they don’t cut all the sweets (or whatever they really have a hankering for) cold turkey. “As we mentioned before, if you eat healthy on a day-to-day basis, than you should never feel badly for indulging in something when you want it. If you eat something when you’re craving it, you’re so much less likely to overeat. If you want a cupcake, eat the cupcake,” they say. “In terms of healthy desserts, we love healthy homemade ice pops in the summer, like Strawberry Rhubarb or Raspberry Peach.”

the new potato The New Potato Founders on How They Deal With Cravings and Their Go Tos for Glowing Skin

Photo: @thenewpotato

Adding to their affinity to homemade concoctions, this time with a skin care twist, Danielle and Laura tell us they have an appreciation for DIY beauty. “We do DIY face masks all the time. We’re always getting great tips on new ones to try through the site,” they say “Some go-tos are avocado and honey, and banana and oatmeal, which is a great exfoliator.”

Of course, one of the first things on our mind was what they reach for to meet their own personal summer beauty needs, which they say is paying attention to sunscreen. VALID.

In terms of what they stock their vanities with, they pointed to The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 as a solid multitasker, and The Body Shop Honey Bronze collection as a roundup that can help create that glowy, healthy tan.

To no surprise—but for good reason—the important of downing some H2O came up in our convo. As annoying as it sounds, we have to admit that all those celebs do have a point, you guys.

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“Staying hydrated is key. We drink tons of water in the summer, and it helps with everything—hair, skin, nails, etc. We also find that The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer works well to hydrate and restore your skin. It contains Camu Camu which has 60 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange, so it’s amazing for your skin,” they say.