The Nail Files: Runway Inspired Nail Art Deconstructed

The Nail Files: Runway Inspired Nail Art Deconstructed
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The Beauty High gang met Amanda Kocis through a hairstylist connection (isn’t that how all great partnerships start?) and after weeks of gawking over her #NailCall talents and exploring her blog, Hocus.Kocis, decided we needed to bring more of her talents on to the site. In her nail art column, she’ll be showing us exactly where she draws inspiration from when creating her nail art. From the runway to a makeup compact, Amanda creates it all — and explains how.

To kick start this column, we chose to dissect a bevvy of runway looks, starting with Emporio Armani’s Fall 2012 floral suit. As floral isn’t the easiest head-to-toe look to pull off, it can definitely be a trend that is brought to your fingertips instead. Amanda chose to interpret the floral look onto her fingertips using three bright polishes (with a gradient ombre effect) and then a bundle monster plate for the floral stamping. She finished off the look with a black triangle on each finger, highlighting the suit’s lapel.

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Find out how to get this nail art look inspired by Emporio Armani's Fall 2012 look!

Gather your supplies. You'll need a sponge, a black nail polish, pink polish, light blue and your top coat. Amanda also used the bundle monster plate #BM-306.

Start with a base coat, and then apply your three bright shades against the nail using the sponge painting gradient technique. Your makeup sponge should be damp so the polish isn't completely absorbed.

Let this step dry and then clean up the edges.

Then, use the bundle monster plate #BM-306 with a basic black polish for the stamping.

Apply the black polish to the stamp plate, scrape to smooth.

Press your stamp into the plate and apply to your nail.

Once your designs are dry, hand paint triangles onto your nails with the black polish.

Enjoy your runway-inspired manicure!

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