The Mercedes-Benz of Manicures

Erika Valente
mercedes essie

What do these have in common?

Mercedes-Benz, the luxury car company and official sponsor of Fashion Week, is getting its beauty props from the polish pro’s at Essie.

In honor of Fashion Week and the launch of the company’s latest luxe car, the SL65 AMG Black Series, Essie is commemorating the luxe car company with two of their own limited-edition polishes.

Party-goers at the Fashion Week Opening Event tonight will receive the car inspired shades: Black Series, a glossy obsidian lacquer, and Palladium Silver, a sleek chrome shade.

Didn’t get your invite? That’s okay, you can recreate the same auto-elegant look at home with Essie’s permanent collection colors Licorice and Loophole.