The Best Makeup Tips From Val Garland’s MAC Pro Master Class

Rachel Adler

Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2013 Makeup

Legendary makeup artist Val Garland has had an illustrious career – she has been in the industry for 28 years, working on everything from runway shows (it’s her hands that create the artwork at Vivienne Westwood each season) as well as numerous “Vogue” covers. If you ask her peers, they know her as a true artist – someone who can be given a blank canvas and paint an eccentric masterpiece, or do a clean, bare bones palette if that’s what the shoot requires.

You may recognize her work from Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album cover, Kate Moss’ most recent W cover, and of course every Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Lee McQueen runway look. We attended her master class with MAC Cosmetics last night to learn a thing or two from the makeup artist icon. Below are some of her best tips:

It Is Simply By Making Mistakes That We Learn: Garland admitted to having made terrible mistakes throughout her career, but that’s how you learn, and that’s what makes you a great makeup artist. She advises to simply learn from your mistakes and surround yourself with great people to continue to learn from.

Use A Concealer Brush To Do Your Lips: Garland noted that she is known for a different kind of lip, which is bigger and fatter than most makeup artists’. She advises using a concealer brush instead of a lip brush to apply your red lipstick for an easier application and to be able to really blend the product on. She also noted that the secret to a great red lip is in finding the tool that works for you and to practice, practice, practice!

For A Matte Lip, Add A Pigment Gently Over The Top: If you’re going for the matte look, it’s easiest to achieve by first applying your lipstick, and then simply taking a pigment and patting it gently over the top of your lipstick application with your concealer brush. This will give you a stronger color and that matte effect that you’re going for.

Challenge The Idea Of Beauty: One of Garland’s best tips (and biggest rules of life) is to always challenge the idea of beauty. She likes to think outside the box in every situation and always ask the question: “What is beauty?” and she expects that everyone does the same. This means that if you want to add random dashes of eyeliner to accent your face, go ahead.

For A Vinyl Or Glossy Effect On The Eyes, Add Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Over Your Dark Shadow: For one of the Alexander McQueen shows, Garland created an extremely dark eye and added 8 Hour Cream at the last minute for a “vinyl effect” as the models walked the runway. This tip is especially fun for a night out, if you need to add a bit of an extra something to your dark shadow or smokey eye.

Image via Imaxtree