The Best Conditioning Beach Salt Sprays

Sable Yong

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The best way to get beach hair is to actually go the beach and take a dip in the waves. Great for you, if you live in a constantly tropical climate. However, this is a pipe dream for the rest of us. Sea salt sprays aren’t so popular because they don’t live up to their name, however what they do live up to a lot of the time is their salty consistency. You’ll get the spontaneous mermaid texture you crave, but we left with straw-like thirsty strands at the same time. There must be some way to spray texturize into your hair without sapping it of all its moisture, right? Apparently we’re not the only ones crying out for this, because salt sprays have stepped up their game to incorporate oils and conditioners so your waves won’t feel like bales of wavy hay so much as soft, touchable locks.


Bb Surf Infusion

What once was a cult classic just got a makeover from Bumble & bumble. Their coveted Surf Spray has just been revamped to Surf Infusion—giving you the same “just took a dip in the ocean” grit and texture but with a cocktail of tropical oils to give you softness as well.

(Where to Buy: Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion, $29 at

Biosilk Beach Texture

You can trust Biosilk to for all your soft hair needs, but now they’re also serving up texture with their beach spray, which true to its name, also has hydrolyzed silk and keratin for moisture and strength.

(Where to Buy: Biosilk Beach Texture, $16.48 at Amazon)

French Girl Organics

A natural mixture of three kinds of salt, coconut oil, and aloe, amongst other things, French Girl Organics gives you simple products to help you in your quest for effortless beauty, like so much Parisian-chic of yore. Should be interesting considering Paris is land-locked, but Seattle isn’t (where the company is based).

(Where to Buy: French Girl Organics Sea Salt Spray, $14 at Etsy)

Healthy Sexy Hair Beach Spray


This styling product has so many conditioners (Algae Extract, Argan Oil, Soy Protein, Pro-Vitamin B5, Cocoa Extract) it’s hard to tell if it’s actually a texturizer or a conditioning spray. We’ll happily settle for both.

(Where to Buy: Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray, $19.95 at Ulta)

Herbivore sea mist

All you natural beauties out there will appreciate Herbivore’s Sea Mist, a hair texturizer that matches the salinity of ocean water for the most authentic “beach spray.” You can choose between Lavender Sage or Vanilla De Tahiti scents for essential oils that smell as good as they feel on your hair.

(Where to Buy: Herbivore Sea Mist, $20 at Herbivore Botanicals)

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The drugstore classic—it’s back! For a long time John Frieda had discontinued its Beach Blonde Ocean Waves spray but due to public outcry have started offering it again, in a new bottle with a slightly revamped non-drying formula for more waves and less pain.

(Where to Buy: John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves, $9.99 at Ulta)


Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Argan Oil Hair Mist


Josie Maran, queen of Argan oil, offers her take on a beach spray—aptly named Bohemian Waves because “beach waves” are so 2010, right? Texture, volume, and moisture—check!

(Where to Buy: Josie Maran Bohemian Waves, $22 at Sephora)

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