The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Routines on YouTube

Michelle Grossman
Hero Images / Getty Images

Hero Images / Getty Images

While we may gush over the luxurious packaging of highly sought-after beauty products at the department store, who’s to say that the product inside of them is any better than those at the drugstore? The truth is, just because something is more expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Whether it’s high-end or drugstore, each makeup brand has their hits just like they have their misses. Whether you’re on a tight budget, looking for a cheaper alternative, or flat out just can’t bring yourself to drop some serious cash on cosmetics, we have a solution for you.

If there’s anyone we can trust when it comes to makeup, it’s YouTube’s beauty vloggers. Between their tons of reviews, tutorials, and first impressions, not only can we learn about a product before we even try it ourselves, but once we do get it, we know just how to use it thanks to them. While their makeup may look expensive, the truth is, many of them are all for scoring a good deal just like we are. To learn how to get flawless makeup for a fraction of the cost, check out these five YouTube videos showcasing the best budget-friendly beauty routines starring drugstore products.

Pro makeup artist Jaclyn Hill, who’s known for her flawless makeup, shows us how to achieve it the drugstore way—trust us, you’ll want to take notes.

With over 800,000 subscribers, Casey Holmes must be doing something right. Just see for yourself, as she reveals that one of the best products to contour with is from the drugstore—and the rest of her routine is, too.

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LoveMelisaMichelle has got our backs when it comes to testing out new beauty products. She show us how to rock an entire drugstore look and also tries six new drugstore makeup items. The results? Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out. Spoiler alert: they’re almost too good to be true.

Australian beauty vlogger Rachellea proves that a simple glam look is totally doable with drugstore makeup. We just can’t get enough of this look.

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Kayleigh Noelle shows us how drugstore products can give a perfect finish to even problem skin. If you have acne, redness, or dry skin like her, this video is a must-watch.