The 5 Hottest Beauty Trends In Paris

Caroline Murray
The 5 Hottest Beauty Trends In Paris
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Bold red and pink lips are everywhere on the streets of Paris. What really makes this look work is the way French women keep the rest of their makeup simple. Other than a little foundation, they pair completely nude skin with a bold lip for an eye-popping result.

How To Go Nude

It helps to have naturally dark features, as the French do, but strong, clean brows are a Parisian must right now. While the brows are very clean, the emphasis seems to be more on the color of the brow than its shape. If you don't have dark brows, use a little eye shadow to color them in for this trendy look.

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Having a bad hair day? No prob--that's an easy fix with the right accessory. Let your hair air dry for a summer, beachy feel, then spice it up with headband or cute clip. That's how French girls are doing it, taking the focus off their hair and onto the accessory.

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Who said buns were just for working out? Messy topknots are hot in Paris right now, with women using them to spice up already fashion-forward outfits. Perfect for summer, the buns looked effortlessly chic.

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A clean, black liquid line seems to be a classic look at this point, and we were happy to see it still going strong in Paris. A thin line (think less Adele and more Emma Stone) is a great way to enhance your eyes, or give your face that extra bit of love it needs before you head out for the night. And for blonde girls? The contrast is dramatic and classy.

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