The 5 Best Newscasters Bloopers Involving Makeup

Rachel Adler

We’re used to seeing our news anchors acting prim, proper and professional as they report on the daily news from their desks. But there are occasionally slip-ups (and those mistakes are heard around the Web – oftentimes going viral) with anchors accidentally letting people in on their real life personas. Our favorite mistakes are when we catch glimpses of the behind-the-scenes action, such as the touch-ups that happen on set.

We all know that their makeup can’t stay put for hours under those bright lights, so some powdering is of course necessary – but when they’re powdering their noses (instead of giving the news when the cameras come back on) it’s hilarious to see – especially when they realize it five seconds later. Watch the best bloopers we’ve gathered below, and let us know if you’ve spotted any that you want to share!

Irish newscaster Aengus Mac Grianna doesn’t realize he’s on air as he’s applying bronzer to his face – that natural tan isn’t so natural after all.

Someone messed up a bit on the back end, because they caught CNN newscaster Susan Hendricks as she was applying mascara between takes – at least we know she’s a fan of Maybelline Great Lash!

Although this is obviously a recording of a TV set, you can see that instead of going to commercial, the KCal 9 News aired their newscasters fixing their makeup during the break.

In this makeup blooper from BBC, the producers accidentally went to the camera shot of the BBC anchor (physically pushing away his makeup artist) while she was powdering his face. Oops!

Anchors of course don’t only touch up their makeup for TV, but also their hair. In this video this British anchor seemingly doesn’t realize she’s on air until after she’s finished playing around with her hair (and having a conversation with someone on set) for about 2 minutes. But, at least it made for a good blooper reel!

What funny newscaster bloopers have you seen? Let us know in the comments below!