The Four Biggest Eyebrow Myths, Debunked

Caroline Murray

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Let’s face it: In the world of beauty, perfect eyebrows are one of the hardest things to achieve. If you’re not waxing a bad arch or over-tweezing, you’re letting stragglers grow wild, or worse, developing a unibrow. Ew. So we asked an eyebrow expert, Joey Healy, what we really need to know about grooming brows. Here he clears up four myths about eyebrows, things even we confess to believing.

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Myth 1: Tweezing, waxing, and threading all cause hair to grow back differently.

In all instances, hair follicles are being removed from the root. “While I have a strong preference toward tweezing in terms of creating the best shape, this method will not result in different hair re-growth than waxing or threading,” says Joey, who is New York City-based. Each method rids hair for approximately four weeks, which is the average time it takes for eyebrow hair to reach the surface of the skin.

Myth 2: Your eyebrows should match your hair color.

Could you picture Marilyn Monroe without her signature, chocolate brown eyebrows? Neither can we. Eyebrow color can, and should, vary. “For example, most Asian women fair best with a soft charcoal toned brow, not one that matches their jet black, raven hair,” says Joey.

His key tip here is to assess your hair color’s undertone,–warm, neutral, or cool– then match your brows with an unobtrusive color in that range. The idea is to assess your entire complexion and make sure your brows seem appropriately impactful.

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Myth 3: Never remove hair from above the eyebrow.

“Some will preach that you must never tweeze the hair above the eyebrow, only beneath,” says Joey. But “following this outdated rule will leave the brow shape looking unfinished.” That said, most of the shaping should come from underneath to lift the brow up; if too much is plucked from above, it can flatten it, resulting in a scowling effect. Joey recommends using your best judgment when working above the brow, but sticking to a quick clean up.

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Myth 4: If you’ve over-plucked, your eyebrows won’t grow back.

For a healthy young adult, the average time for tweezed hair to grow back is 56 days. As a licensed esthetician, Joey says that excessive plucking, rubbing eyebrows from habit, or applying aggressive skincare treatments can cause eyebrows to fall out. But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed. In times like these, Joey recommends Joey Healy Brow Renovation Serum ($125,, which regenerates eyebrow growth. Basically, it works by increasing the amount and length of hair that grows during your eyebrow’s growth phase, and slows down their natural shedding process.

Any eyebrow myths we missed?