Thanksgiving Nail Art You’ll Love

Laniqua Mcmillian

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and what better way to ring the holiday in with amazing Thanksgiving nail art? When we think about Thanksgiving, we picture family gatherings, scrumptious food, fall leaves, and the annual paradeโ€”but because we’re all grown women, we don’t want any nail art that comes off as cheesy. Here’s some seriously glamย Thanksgiving nail art that you’ll actually want to rock this Thursday.


This nail art is perfect if you decide not to over do it this holiday season. The classic white, glitter, and brown nails with leaves is simple and stylish.

If you are really into the holiday spirit, this nail art is for you. We love how each nail makes up one big design.

This glittery pumpkin inspired nail art is easy to recreate! The actual shape of each pumpkin isn’tย too even in size, so this nail art will be super easy to put togetherโ€”and forgiving of any mistakes.

Applying nail art only one finger can also help express your love for Thanksgiving in a simple, chic way.

You will be able to keep this multicolor leaf nail art on well after the holiday season is over. The 3 leave nail art not only scream Thanksgiving but also Fall.

This amazing nail art is sure to wow anyone that you see! The mixture of the pumpkin and sunflower design will also look good on a single nail as a highlight to an oxblood manicure.

This is a twist on the typical Thanksgiving nail art and we love it! The subtle hints of seasonal fall color makes it perfect for any type of celebration.

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