Textured Nail Art: Love It or Leave It?

Augusta Falletta

When you’ve become bored with a single shade manicure, it’s only natural to start dabbling in nail art. Where do you go though, when you’ve become bored with 2-D nails? Many fancy-nailed ladies have begun turning to textured nails, using anything imaginable from sprinkles to feathers and everything in between. A 3-D manicure certainly takes longer to execute and tends to not last as long as a flat polish, but for the nail art¬†aficionado, the newest trend seems like a must-try.

Like most new trends, there are good, bad and ugly parts. We’ve poured through Pinterest, searching for the best, worst, and please make them go away nails. Certain add-ons, like lace and studs, are very much in for fall and we can’t get enough of them. Other textured nails featuring giant bows and caviar have us peeking through our fingers as we go through our browsers. Flip through the slideshow of textured nails above for all of the latest textured nails trends.

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