Creme of Nature’s Honey Cream Is the Only Product That Gives Me Curl Without Crunch

Creme of Nature’s Honey Cream Is the Only Product That Gives Me Curl Without Crunch
Photo: Allison Kahler

When it comes to hair care, black women are resourceful AF. We’ve got the most complex and insanely useful ways to manipulate our tresses into virtually any style we want. And if you don’t believe me, there are literally hundreds of thousands of YouTube tutorials, books, Instagram posts, and Reddit threads that would prove otherwise. One of the biggest recurring subjects across all of these channels is how to spiral curls. We’ve already spotlighted the most popular methods, including shingling and twist-outs, but for some, none of these work. Personally, the well-being of my curls, which fall on the wavier side, require a curl-defining product, period.

I’ve been natural for most of my life, with the exception of a few relaxers I got as a kid. And before I was introduced to wigs and weaves in college, the most manipulation I subjected my hair to was flat-ironing. For the last two years, what I’ve really been focused on is the health of my hair. I jump-started it with a big chop because I didn’t see the point in rehabilitating damaged hair that was beyond repair. Also, I just needed a fresh start.

But back to my original point: Now that I’m growing it back out, I really want my curls to flourish since they have nothing to hide behind. The quick fix would be a gel, but even the alcohol-free ones leave my hair flaky and crunchy. And if I don’t put any product in my hair, it immediately falls flat after drying. So, I’ve focused my curl-defining search specifically on creams that also contain ingredients for strong hold. And after trying out countless options, I’ve landed on one that I can’t stop using.

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The Name: Creme of Nature Moisture Whip Twisting Cream. This brand is a staple in beauty supply stores, Target, and other drugstore chains. I’ve been obsessed with its ACV Clarifying Rinse for a while, but this is the first time in a long while that I’ve used one of its products to the last dollop. The entire “Pure Honey” line—made up of five products—is made specifically for super-dry strands. Its star ingredients are the Holy Grail of hydration: pure honey, coconut oil, and shea butter. I apply the twisting cream to wet hair every other day and either air-dry or use a diffuser when I have the extra time.

The Price: $7.99 at Sally Beauty. An affordable drugstore price. Need I say more?

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The Perks: Initially I was worried about using this because it has a pretty thick consistency. My hair pattern is around 3b/3c (see above) and also pretty fragile, so it can’t handle anything on the heavier side. It’s also not super porous, meaning that when I do go overboard with product, it tends to just sit on top of my hair and look flaky. The key to using this really has been not using it every day and using just a dime-size amount throughout my head. I’m also sure to finger-rake it through, as opposed to using a brush, because I can finger-curl each strand instead of brushing them flat and straight.

Honey is a humectant, meaning that it can deeply penetrate the hair follicle and retain moisture. It’s also an emollient, so it can smooth the strands as it provides lasting moisture. And lastly, its antibacterial properties are a viable treatment for a flaky scalp. But honey in its purest form is simply too heavy. This medium-hold cream gives you all those same benefits, but in a lighter (and less sticky) form and without the crunchy buildup.

If you’re battling dryness, add this to your routine, stat.