Tested and approved: Terralina Gentle Exfoliator

Samantha Blake

The excitement of new product discoveries lies in the trial run– is the product worth the cash you dropped, or does it send you searching for the receipt?

A sample of Terralina’s Gentle Facial Exfoliator came my way, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to give my firsthand account of its smoothing power.

The scrub smelled potently natural– it’s scented with olive oil and white tea. The granules of the scrub appear in the container and on your fingers exactly like grains of sand.

Post-face wash, I began scrubbing in mini circles, pausing only to face paint a bit. The formula isn’t terribly harsh– scrubs should never leave skin feeling raw or looking red, only refreshed and super clean.

The scrub is as gentle on the environment as it is on your skin. It is packaged with 40% recyclable materials with a 98.65% natural formula. As a general rule of thumb, you are only supposed to use scrubs every other day, but I could see integrating the scrub into my nightly skin cleansing ritual.

Wondering what exactly I put on my face, I did a bit of exploring. Here are a few of the naturally occurring ingredients in the product:
Adzuki beans are edible (apparently when paired with rice they are top notch), but on their own when uncooked and crushed, they possess exfoliating properties akin to a “face lift.”
Carnuaba, taken from the Brazilian carnuaba palm tree and along with olive pit pieces helps naturally slough off dead skin and impurities left by dust, dirt, and pollution.
Willowherb helps prevent rosacea (a condition that reddens the skin).
Bisabolol is a soothing plant oil used in well-known products from Revlon and Bare Escentuals.Combining the Willowherb and Bisabolol prevents agitation of the skin’s surface.
Olive oil and white tea also leave your skin hydrated and evenly toned.

Terralina gentle exfoliator, $24, at terralina.com