4 At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatments That Actually Work

Rachel Krause

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We can’t even begin to count how many teeth whitening treatments we’ve attempted—don’t get us started—but when it comes to how many have actually worked, well, those we can count on one hand. In fact, we can just about count them on four fingers. These four at-home whitening treatments are among the precious few we’ve taken for a test drive to noticeable results. At least one is guaranteed to make its way into your dental care routine.

Teeth-Luster WhiteThey’re blue for a reason: The toothpaste and mouthwash in the 3-part Luster Premium White Smile Illuminator Instant Whitening Kit employ technology that deposits blue micro-particles onto the teeth, which creates the optical effect of brighter, whiter teeth. As such, the results are instant, and used in conjunction with the Revamp Whitening Serum, they all work together to whiten stains and protect teeth from further staining in the long-term.

Teeth-GloYou could invest in a costly in-office whitening dental procedure, or you could do it yourself at home… and do it way better. The GLO Science Glo Black Brilliant Teeth Whitening Set doesn’t come cheap, but it offers cutting-edge whitening technology that you can do on your own. You can charge it through your computer, and once you run out of the 10 included Whitening Gels, you can just purchase more for what comes out to $5 a pop. It’s a splurge up front, but we promise, it’s totally worth it.

Teeth-Arm and HammerInexpensive, effective, and easy to find in the drugstore, Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster is the gold standard of teeth whitening. You simply squeeze a bit of the gel on top of your toothpaste each time you brush—it’s not messy, and unlike (most) whitening strips, it won’t hurt sensitive gums or damage your enamel over time. Plus, it doesn’t get much easier than just adding something to your toothbrush.

Teeth-Plus WhitePlus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening System may not look like much—or, rather, it looks like something you might see on an infomercial—but man, does it work. It uses a standard gel-filled tray technique (a comfortably cushioned one that actually fits to your teeth, mind), as well as a pre-whitening rinse that prepares your teeth and enables the gel to better lift away stains. You’ll notice results after just one use.

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