Teens Post “Am I Ugly?” Videos On YouTube To Find Confidence

Rachel Adler

We have seen trends come and go on YouTube (that’s how we all discovered the glorious trend of hair chalking!) but when we came across an article on Social Times about teens posting videos asking if they were ugly or pretty, we were appalled.

The video channel has been used for many things — giving young girls easy access to beauty tutorials (and making them beauty gurus in their own right) but it has also been a gateway for bullying through comments, something which young adults do not need more of.

When I did a bit of research (as in, watching way too many of these videos myself) on YouTube, I was shocked. Some of them have gotten an enormous amount of views — in particular, one called ‘Am I Pretty Or Ugly’ has amassed over 3.4 million — and the girls are so young and already questioning their attractiveness, and clearly getting bullied at school. In the aforementioned video, the girl states that she’s often told she’s ugly, so she wants to know what the viewers think — and she goes one step further to say that she agrees and thinks she’s ugly and fat too.

It’s great that YouTube is giving us a platform of self-expression, but maybe we need to be monitoring this platform? Many of the comments are supportive, saying that the person who shot the video shouldn’t be questioning their attractiveness, or that this is such a sad thing to be posting, etc., but there are also the negative comments and let’s just call them what they are, losers, who fire back with cruel names and mean remarks.

Obviously, in a perfect world these teens would be strong enough to learn from these comments (or take them with a grain of salt) and get out of these videos exactly what they wanted from posting them. But, we all remember our childhoods and adding the perspectives of the World Wide Web into our fragile bubbles just seems like too much to handle.

Where are their parents in all of this? Is asking for YouTube to step in too big of a task? What do you think about the entire situation?