Secret Beauty Ingredient: Tea Tree Oil

Augusta Falletta
Secret Beauty Ingredient: Tea Tree Oil
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We often purchase beauty products because of the pull quotes on the front of the packages touting the seemingly impossible results. Unless you’re especially thorough, you skip the ingredients list on the back of the package – a crucial mistake made by many. “Secret Beauty Ingredient” is our way of finding those beauty ingredients that are becoming staples in the beauty world, or sometimes even better – beauty breakthroughs.

Tea tree oil, which contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, is incredible for healing your skin. Whether you’ve got a cut, acne, or dandruff, using tea tree oil to reduce redness and peeling while the body repairs itself is an amazing way to get your skin healthy and glowing. Though it’s incredibly common in acne treatments (because of the anti-bacterial properties), tea tree oil is also used in many hair care treatments because it helps to balance your scalp.

We’ve rounded up our favorite beauty products containing tea tree oil above. Let us know which one you’ll be trying in the comments below!

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If you've got acne-prone skin, you need to look into tea tree oil. 

Formulated with aloe vera, peppermint, and tea tree oil, this body wash from Organic Doctor works to remove impurities from your skin and keep it balanced to maintain health. 

Organic Doctor Tea Tree Oil Body Wash, $8.54,

A mild gel cleanser that works to eliminate oils and makeup while salicylic acid and tea tree oil work to battle acne, this product from Environ is a must-have for ladies who struggle with acne. 

Environ B-Active Sebuwash,

For the lazy girl who doesn't want to wash her face, these facial cleansing pads work to remove impurities and calm any irritated, red skin, without the water. 

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads, $5.59,

Trying to prolong the life of your tan? Use a bit of this after sun moisturizer to hydrate your skin and extend the life of your color with tea tree and jojoba oil. 

Hampton Sun After Sun Moisturizer, $32,

Particularly effective for your T-zone, this toner from Lush brightens up tired, dry skin and clears excess oil when you spritz it on your face. 

Lush Tea Tree Water Toner, $21.95,

Many times, women with acne are nervous to exfoliate because they're worried about irritating their skin even more. This exfoliator from Kate Somerville is specifically designed for women with acne, boasting tea tree oil and salicylic acid to treat blemishes. 

Kate Somerville Acne Clearing Exfoliating Treatment, $65,

For targeted acne treatment that soothes and cools your skin, reach for this tea tree blemish gel from The Body Shop. 

Tea Tree Blemish Gel, $6.75,

A pore refining cream that tightens and hydrates your skin, this product from Dr. Brandt uses tea tree oil to give you unclogged, smaller pores. 

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Effect Refining Cream, $55,

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