News: Taylor Swift's Cool Vogue Hairstyle; The Skin Care Product Every Woman Should Use

Rachel Krause
Steve Granitz; Getty Images

Steve Granitz; Getty Images

We usually see Taylor Swift sporting perfectly coiffed, blown-out hair, even as she’s exiting the gym. That’s why the slicked back, slightly oily style she’s rocking on this British Vogue cover is so refreshing—check it out! [Us]

Our love of dry shampoo is well-documented—it suffices to say that our lives would be much harder without it. If you’re as fond of the stuff as we are, check these seven additional ways to use your favorite dry shampoo. [Beauty High]

Top dermatologists agree that, in addition to SPF, retinoids are the one skin care product that’s absolutely crucial to beautiful skin. [Huffington Post]

Skilled tattoo artists are now catering to breast cancer survivors who’ve undergone breast reconstruction treatments by crafting realistic-looking trompe l’oeil nipples. [Allure]

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