News: Taylor Swift’s Adorable Makeup-Free Selfie; NARS Launches Temporary Tattoos

Rachel Krause

The most notable thing about the makeup-free photo Taylor Swift posted to Instagram isn’t the fact that she isn’t wearing makeup, but rather that her cat Meredith is asleep on her shoulder. Too cute. [Us]

If you’ve ever suffered from painful, cystic hormonal acne, then you’ll know full well that it’s one of the most dreadful beauty problems to deal with. These little-known facts will help you learn a little bit more about the frustrating affliction. [Beauty High]

Lea Gabrielle is currently a Fox News reporter, but she used to be a fighter pilot and intelligence operations officer for the U.S. Navy. Here, she gives a little bit of insight into what your beauty routine is like when you’re a member of the armed forces. [Allure]

Beyond the usual summer makeup offerings, NARS will also be launching a collection of matte black temporary tattoos, just in time for festival season. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

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