News: Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” Hair; Can You Quit Smoking in Your Sleep?

Rachel Krause

A lot went down at last night’s VMAs, but one standout in particular was Taylor Swift‘s “Wildest Dreams” video, where she debuted a dark brown hair color (ahem, wig). We’re so into the look on her, and would fully support a more permanent switch… [StyleCaster Beauty]

T. Swift also showed off one of the very best cat eye looks at the awards, along with these four other celebs. [People]

Could this new overnight lab treatment play on your subconscious to make you quit smoking? A new study says it’s possible. [Allure]

Justin Bieber‘s fans reacted negatively—extremely negatively—to his new hairstyle, so much so that some of them took to Twitter to admit that they were nauseous. [NY Mag]