Hair Crush: Taylor Swift Gives Us Major Bang-Envy


Taylor Swift

Photos: Getty Images

I’m not one to take risks with my hair. I’m open to dying it (I’ve been a redhead for almost a year now), but cutting it is another story. The riskiest I’ve gone is blunt bangs, and even that was a lot. Bangs are a commitment, and until you actually get them, you don’t realize what a hassle they can be if you have even the slightest wave or cowlick. So yes, I’ve regretted getting bangs every time I got them, but every time I see a photo of Taylor Swift, I can’t help but want bangs again.

Taylor has naturally curly hair—yet she makes those bangs work. With blunt bangs, you need to control the volume and frizz — two things curly girls deal with way too often. Taylor has experimented with both full and wispy versions of the straight-across bang. Because of her longer face, both work so well on her. But even her full version isn’t overly thick. Instead of a full block of hair, it has a subtle piecey-ness. With a thick full head of hair, the last thing you want is an overly strong bang to compete with it.

To control the bangs, curly girls have to straighten them daily and reduce frizz. The singer uses Brazilian Blowout’s Acai Brazilian Dry Oil. The lightweight formula adds moisture to the hair—a must for naturally curly locks—as well as smoothes it out and adds shine. Plus, with straightening every day, the oil replenishes the hair from constant damage.

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