The One Place You Definitely Aren't Applying Primer (But Should Be)

Rachel Krause
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

We know what you’re thinking: Why would you ever put primer anywhere but on your face? Primer is, after all, intended to prime your face for makeup—it cuts down on unwanted shine, minimizes pores and fine lines, and creates a better canvas for foundation and concealer to adhere to—but it could also be the one thing that takes your next backless or off-the-shoulder dress look into superstar territory.

Need proof? Here’s Taylor Schilling at last night’s Emmys, making the case for applying a primer well below the neck. Taylor’s makeup artist, Tina Turnbow, smoothed Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance ($33, onto the nominee’s shoulders and back to reflect light, tone down unevenness, and impart a gorgeous luminosity to the skin. The creamy, sheer slightly pearlescent (but not shimmery!) formula means imperfections get instantly blurred, but you don’t have to worry about pigment rubbing off on clothing as you would with body makeup. Genius.

We’ve never seen Taylor look anything less than lovely, even in an orange jumpsuit, so we’d kind of always assumed that her complexion was naturally flawless. Now we know that she’s got makeup (at least partially) to thank, which means that we can get in on it, too. What a relief!

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