Beauty Buzz: Taylor Schilling Covers ‘Allure’, Learn How to Look Like Bey, More

Rachel Adler

Taylor Schilling Allure

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1. Taylor Schilling of OITNB covers the July Allure, just in case you’ve already flown through the entire season and you just need a little bit more from the ladies at Litchfield. [Allure]

2. Beyonce’s tour makeup artist Sir John explains how to look like Queen Bey – and trust us, you want to listen up. []

3. Here are 6 times that celebrities took tanning to the worst level possible – just, no. [Daily Makeover]

4. Jen Aniston’s hair is back to the color we all know and love – phew. [Glamour]

5. Find out if an antiperspirant that claims to last for a full week, really does. [Fashionista]