Taryn Manning Has a Strange Beauty Secret

Megan Segura
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

While you may not be able to tell when watching her character on “Orange Is the New Black,” Taryn Manning is actually really into beauty. She recently told Allure that when she isn’t playing Pennsatucky, she can be found applying Dior mascara and Rosebud Salve. She also shared her rather unique skin care secret:

“An older woman with beautiful skin once told me that she wipes her face with lemon slices then covers it with coconut oil before going to bed.”

While we know lemon juice is a natural exfoliant, we would be concerned to leave something acidic on our face overnight. If you have sensitive skin, this all-natural beauty routine is not for you. But since we can’t resist any kind of weird beauty secret, we’ll start experimenting on the backs of our hands.

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