Target’s Launching a Crazy-Cheap Skin-Care Line

Jennifer Mattern
Target’s Launching a Crazy-Cheap Skin-Care Line
Photo: Target.

Target is the crush you have that just gets more and more delicious. Did we already love the guaranteed low prices? The cute bull terrier with the bull’s-eye? The in-house Starbucks? Yes, yes and make-mine-a-grande yes.

But consumer competition is brutal, with new lines and collections being dropped all the time. So Target is upping their game with a brand new line of household essentials under the label Smartly.

Say what? Oh, yes. Go fetch a red shopping cart. Smartly will be Target’s newest addition to its five in-house home decor brands.

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OK, but how affordable is Smartly actually? Honestly, most items slide in under the $2 mark. Think razors, household goods, cleaning supplies—all the other adulting necessities you’ve been putting off buying. For just $2 or less. (We’re not crying—you’re crying.)

Smartly products will be sold as single items and in multipacks (like, four rolls of toilet paper for 99 cents). No dragging home Costco-size monstrosities to snag monster discounts. It’s bulk savings without the need for bulk storage. Sweet, no?

And you know it had to be aesthetically savvy too. Younger millennials apparently dig color combined with sleekness. Smartly packaging will have that vibe, along with catchy phrases on packaging (i.e., “Do Lunch” on sandwich baggies).

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“Where we see white space and an opportunity to bring Target’s guests something differentiated, we’ll go for it,” Mark Tritton, Target’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, said in the official announcement. “We’re listening to consumers and bringing them differentiated solutions to make their lives easier.”

Target’s new budget-friendly line is set to debut online and in stores on Oct. 14, so mark your calendars and get your wallets ready.


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