The 5 Products You Need from Target’s New Body Lines

Leah Faye Cooper

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Earlier this month, Target did their part to ensure that our body care stashes stay enviable by launching three new lines. Now on shelves is the Mayfair Soap Foundry range of soaps, bath salts and moisturizers; You Are Amazing‘s selection of body scrubs, spritzers and lotions; and the Marlowe. line, which includes men’s face and body products, as well as a unisex lotions and creams. We had the the pleasure of testing the goods out, and if you ask us, these are the five best products to get your hands on.

Mayfair Soap Foundry Body Wash

Photo: Mayfair Soap Foundry

Mayfair Soap Foundry Sea Lily Jasmine Body Wash | Bubble Bath ($8.99,

This paraben-free soap can be used as a body wash or to add bubbles to your bath. The scent is subtle, which we love, and a little goes a long way.

Mayfair Soap Foundry Body Souffle

Photo: Mayfair Soap Foundry

Mayfair Soap Foundry Grapefruit Berfamot Body Soufflé (8.99,

You’re going to want to slather this on from head to toe. Formulated with aloe and cocoa seed butter, it’s an ultra-light moisturizer that feels decadent on the skin.

You Are Amazing Body Wash Scrub

Photo: You Are Amazing

You Are Aazing Coconut Water Exfoliating Body Scrub & Wash ($3.99,

Banish dry skin by adding this to your routine. The tropical-scented wash is infused with tiny bits of pumice for gentle exfoliation.

You Are Amazing Body Mist

Photo: You Are Amazing

You Are Amazing Lavender Fields Body Mist ($3.99,

We know what you’re thinking: body mist is so… middle school. But trust us, this mist works for any season, and is perfect for days when you want to wear a fragrance that doesn’t have the heaviness of perfume.

Marlowe. Body Lotion

Photo: Marlowe.

Marlowe. No. 003 Sensitive Skin Body Lotion ($9.99,

Enriched with green tea and deep sea algae extracts, this fragrance-free moisturizer provides optimal hydration without irritating the skin.

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