You Have To See Tanya Hennessy’s Hilariously Realistic Makeup Tutorial Fail

Lauren Caruso
Beauty Youtube Video
Photo: Courtesy of Miss Maven by Teni Panosian

We’ve all been there—and by “we” I mean the less-talented makeup enthusiasts among us: We’re staring at a some YouTube beauty pro’s “beginner’s guide” on how to apply foundation or blend contour or do an inside-out daytime smokey eye (?) and it gets all tool real. Suddenly, the tutorial is 16 steps in and they haven’t even finished blending the concealer. Hmph.

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And sure, we’ve all seen a YouTube parody or seven, but British comedian Tanya Hennessy’s realistic version actually made me laugh out loud at 9 a.m., after I realized we were out of milk during a snow storm.

She starts off by introducing a M.A.C. primer that “a lady sold me against my will. She was really attractive and I was threatened by her,” she says, reimagining basically every department store beauty counter experience. Here, she captures the feeling that only comes after you’ve watched half a dozen tutorials and feel v inspired to attempt it on your own, only to…well, you’ll see:

Been there, girl. Been there. And for the love of all things holy, can we just ban the poses she mentions at the end? Yea? Great.

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