Tanning Salons Outnumber Starbucks and McDonalds

Emma Sayles

Nowadays it seems like everywhere you turn there is either a Starbucks or McDonald’s (or both) on each corner. But it appears the public’s cravings for their Big Mac’s or their steamed lattes can’t compare to the need for that perfect tan.

That’s right: our neighborhood tanning salons on average actually outnumber a city’s Starbucks and McDonalds. Despite the known risks of skin cancer associated with indoor tanning, “there [are] a striking average of 42 tanning salons per city,” Dr. Lauren Smith said at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology. Apparently, there are only an average of 19 Starbucks and 30 McDonald’s per city.

We find this statistic rather alarming. Though we all have been guilty of indulging our caffeine and/or burger cravings, let’s all try to step away from the fake and bake, shall we?  Check out some of the awesome tanning lotions (like Clarin’s Self Tanning Gel, $34 at Sephora) or a spray tan salon to get that golden glow you’re searching for without the harmful and damaging effects of the tanning bed.

[Via Skin and Allergy News]