The Best Way To Look Tan Without Looking Orange

Rebecca Shaw
The Best Way To Look Tan Without Looking Orange
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If you’re like me, you love to have a beautiful glowing tan. And when I was younger, I would lay in the sun all day slicked with tanning oil until ‘ding!’- I was done! But now I’m much smarter about my skin. I recently started on a quest to find the best products that would give me a natural looking glow year-round without jeopardizing the health of my skin, causing pre-mature aging, or turning me into an orange “oompa loompa.”

Ladies & Gents, faux-tanning is in! It got a bad rap in the beginning when ‘orange’ and ‘streaky’ were really the only options. But technology has advanced far beyond those days — sunless tanners and bronzing makeup are abundant on the shelves!  Now getting a natural looking tan without the harmful effects of the sun is possible. So just in time for spring, here’s a list of my favorite faux-tanning products that will transform you into a bronzed beauty in no time.

About Rebecca: My grandmother started it all. As a little girl I would watch her “put on her face” (Clinique makeup) and I was fascinated. I would ask her why Chanel # 5 was her favorite perfume because at age 5, I thought it smelled stinky. I wanted to know it all! She always looked beautiful and she was even more beautiful on the inside. Then my mom, who radiates natural beauty from her warm inviting personality, smile, and those famous hugs. She has no idea how beautiful she is, makeup or no makeup, and she has the best intentions for everyone around her always. She taught me that beauty comes from confidence in yourself. That makes her the most beautiful woman I know. They’ve been my teachers and inspiration. So naturally, I decided to dedicate my blog to them, their middle names being “Naomi” and “Jean.”

I will post all the beauty products I’m thinking about, researching, testing, loving, promoting the heck out of for no money because I’m obsessed, tips, tricks, etc.! My hope is to help you discover something new or find something you’ve been looking for, to become savvier, and more confident! And always remember, beauty truly radiates from the inside out!

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If you're looking for the perfect sunless tan, St. Tropez is your only stop! This moisture-packed body lotion goes on colorless, yet delivers a natural glow within just a few hours -- no '€œorange' & no streaking! There are two shades to choose from, Light/Medium & Medium/Dark. And unlike others, it has Aromaguard technology to minimize that telling scent of self-tanner. It's vacation in a bottle!
(St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturizer, $30.00

Bronzer is the perfect addition to your safe tanning routine, and this award winner is my all-time favorite! Apply with your favorite bronzing brush for a gorgeous glow that's completely buildable and natural looking.
(NARS Bronzer in Laguna€™, $35.00

This sweet & spicy scented body luminizer is the beauty expert's secret to tropical bronzed skin! Ideal for arms and legs, its quick drying formula won't stain clothes and has the perfect hint of gold shimmer. A must-have product!
(Lorac 'TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer', $32.00,

The safest way to get a glowing complexion and anti-aging benefits in one! This facial self-tanner delivers oil-free gradual color, and also fights fine lines and wrinkles with amino acids. Apply a thin layer at night and wake up to a beautiful & believable tan -- all while reversing the signs of aging!
(Here Comes The Sun Age-Defense Gradual Glow Self-Tanner For Face, $26.00

Airbrush yourself to the perfect glowing tan! I'm in love with this lightweight makeup for your legs that not only covers imperfections, but gives natural color that doesn’t stain and washes away easily in the shower. Choose from 4 shades, spray directly into your hands and rub onto legs to blend evenly. Flawless!
(Sally Hansen 'Airbrush Legs',

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