Hairstylist Tricks to Tame a Cowlick



Admit to having a cowlick in a room full of beauty lovers, and you’ll get half a dozen knowing groans. On the list of irritating hair situations, it’s definitely (stubbornly) sitting at the top.

If you suffer from a cowlicka section of hair that grows in the opposite direction of the rest6 out of 7 days of the week you probably find yourself surrendering to its annoying will. However, there are stress-free tricks to get these awkward strands to do what you want! Naeemah LaFond, the Global Artistic Director of amika provides us with everyday tricks.

Train it with a Blow Dryer
Taming a cowlick with a blow dryer is your best defense, says LaFond. When the hair is wet, it is easily manipulated. The science behind it is that the hairs hydrogen bonds are broken apart when the hair is wet and then reforms when it is dried. So as the hair dries, it can be trained to do whatever your heart desires. When the hair is still wet, blow dry the cowlick in the opposite direction it normally veers. If you have bangs with a cowlick, be sure to blow dry them first before the hair starts to air dry.

Practice a Tease
Teasing the hair at the root of a cowlick can conceal the gaps that they tend to create in your hairstyle, says LaFond. Over-direct the cowlick section of hair in the direction that you want it to lay, and then tease the roots in place. A few backcombs is all you need to set the style.

Secure with Product
Once you have tamed your cowlick, its best to use a strong hold product, like the new amika Touchable Hairspray ($22.50,, to keep it in place throughout the day. The cowlick will be set, but the surrounding hair will have natural movement.

Surrender (But with Strategy)
Not all cowlicks can be tamed. When it just wont budge, LaFond recommends creating styles that work with the hairs natural movement, not against it. Perfectly coiffed or sleek styles are not an option if you cant tame a cowlick. For example, a straight blunt bob and sleek bangs are not the best option if you cant or dont want to be on cowlick-duty every morning. Beach waves, or any other style with texture, are perfect to blend (and draw focus away from) the hairs inconsistent growth pattern.

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