Take a Minute to Bronze


So usually anything that only takes one minute isn’t considered “hot,” but Benefit has released a product exclusively for Sephora that might make you reconsider. It’s called *drum roll please* “One Hot Minute” and is a super light bronzer/powder that claims to make you glow, something that’s hard to do gracefully when it’s 80 degrees on the subway.

What’s sexier than the product is the packaging, which is bedazzled in all the right places and looks like a watch you wish you could afford. I doubt it tells time, but who uses watches for their made-for purpose anyway?

Benefit recommends the powder for your complexion, legs, shoulders, and décolleté (no need to Google, it means cleavage). Don’t feel guilty using it everywhere…the size of the compact will ensure usage up until Fashion Week.

Remember “7 Minutes in Heaven?” Think that, just minus the boy and 6 of those minutes.

One Hot Minute, $30, Sephora.com