Tacky Table Touchups

Megan Segura
Bathroom touchup

This is not a public activity

I don’t know about you, but I was always taught that a woman never pulls out her compact to touch up her makeup when she is sitting at a table in a restaurant. I know manners have gotten really relaxed over the years but I still find this to be a bit rude and tacky and I am seeing it being done more and more.

Even in the finest of restaurants women just don’t seam to care. My grandmother always taught me there should be a mystery to a woman’s beauty and sitting in a restaurant staring into a mirror while slopping on gloss just looks wrong.

Now I know my grandmother was incredibly etiquette-conscious but this is one rule I think we should still abide by. Take a moment to excuse yourself from the table and visit the ladies room for any freshening up that needs to be done. You can reapply lipstick, powder your nose or check to see if there is any spinach stuck in your teeth in private. Then you can confidently walk back out to the table looking ravishing and nobody is the wiser.

If you are totally stuck in a very heavy conversation at dinner and can’t get away only to feel your lips drying severely at every passing moment try my sneaky lip trick:

Casually open up your purse under the table and discreetly pull your lipstick or gloss from the bag. Open it up (still while under the table) and put the color on the tip of your pointer finger. Subtly bring your hand up and rest it on your chin with your finger touching the lips, all the while acting as if you could not be more interested in what is being said. Sneakily slide your finger across the lips. You’ve just reapplied your lip color without anyone ever knowing! Now that’s classy!

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