This Super-Techy Flat Iron Helps You Choose the Right Heat Setting for Less Hair Damage

Elizabeth Denton
This Super-Techy Flat Iron Helps You Choose the Right Heat Setting for Less Hair Damage
Photo: Image: Retailers; Designer: Cierra Miller/Stylecaster.

I’ve been through it with my hair. After doing bleach-and-tone for years, inches of my hair broke off from years of damage. I’ve been rehabbing it back to life for the past year and that includes, laying off the daily hot tools. I’m slowing adding curling irons and flat irons back into my routine but I have to be careful not to crank the heat up as high as it will go. That’s where T3’s new Heat ID technology comes in. The brand just rolled out two new hot tools that rival Apple in terms of all its bells and whistles. Allow me to explain.

T3 noticed that one of the reasons people were getting so much heat damage on their hair was because they were using a setting way too high for their hair type and texture. The Lucea ID flat iron and the Curl ID curling iron both have nine heat settings so you can use the lowest one possible that will still work on your hair. But you don’t have to guess what number to use. The tools will choose for you. Seriously!

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T3 lucea ID


I decided to try the Lucea ID flat iron first because I want to smooth out my wavy hair but have a little bend. You just click the buttons right on the handle to find your “heat ID.” Don’t worry, there’s a guide that will tell you which button corresponds to what question. First, you’ll choose your hair texture: fine, medium or course. I chose medium. Then, you choose your hair length: short, medium or long. Again, I’m medium. Finally, is your hair color-treated? Mine definitely is. That gave me a heat ID of five out of nine. If I didn’t know this, I absolutely would have just turned it up as high as it would go. Oops.

t3 curl id


The Curl ID curling iron questions are similar, but you’ll also be asked if your hair is chemically treated (such as permed). My heat ID for the curling iron was actually a four. I was worried this number was too low to straighten my frizzy waves and/or hold a curl all day. But surprisingly, both tools worked just as well as expected—all without frying my hair. Of course, the tools also have the details you know and love from T3, including the “one-pass” technology that delivers even heat every time so you don’t have to go over the same strand more than once.

I love that we’re starting to see brands cater products and styling tools to each of our own unique hair types and textures. We’re not all the same and our products should work for us, not cause stress and damage.

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