Sweet, Sweet Scents

Rachel Adler

Flashback to your pre-teen years when someone told us all that smelling like sweets would attract boys– ah, the good ‘ol days. Well, celebrity pastry chef Francois Payard has brought those scents back, launching a trio of perfumes developed by perfume Calice Becker.

Bergamot Truffle, Lychee Mousse, and Pistachio Ganache are all chocolate-themed scents, and may just bring out that sweet-toothed child in you yet again. Bergamot Truffle is the richest of the three, smelling of a darker chocolate and citrusy blend. Lychee Mousse is a white chocolate scent with a hint of a fruity aroma. And lastly, the Pistachio Ganache is described as milk chocolate with jasmine undertones.

The three scents range in prices from $42-$48 and can be purchased at Payard Patisserie, and at www.payard.com starting Monday.