Survey finds Makeovers are More About Improving Confidence than Becoming Beautiful

Admin conducted a survey in response to the virtual makeover of Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle

New York, April 24, 2009 – While makeovers are generally viewed as a way to help someone improve their look, a recent survey found 75 percent of people feel that makeovers are really about enhancing BOTH your inner spirit and your appearance. The survey was conducted in response to a virtual makeover of Britain’s Got Talent singing sensation, Susan Boyle by, the web’s leading beauty information site that provides users access to its virtual try-on technology to create customized makeovers. asked 577 people this week about their thoughts on makeovers and the survey found that 78 percent of the respondents feel that makeovers are more about helping someone feel more confident than about improving their looks. In fact, the survey found the number one reason a person should get a makeover is to increase their confidence; becoming more beautiful was noted as last.

“It’s true that when you look good, you feel good. Ninety-five percent of the respondents said when you feel good about how you look, you look better and stand taller,” said Rachel Hayes, editorial director at “Most people like their overall look, they just want or need some advice on what makeup colors to wear or what haircut frames their face well. This survey confirms that. Half of the respondents liked their overall appearance but would just like help with creating a simple makeover.”

When it comes to singing sensation, Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent, images of her virtual makeover have made their way across the Internet and onto national television outlets. Her virtual makeover and potential real makeover have been topic for many heated debates. Some people have been cheering on the idea of a makeover while others are adamantly opposed to changing a single hair. This survey found that three quarters of the respondents thought she should have a makeover and that having a makeover DID NOT in any way detract from who she is.

“The bottom line is, you should feel confident and fabulous about how you look, no matter what others say. And whether that means you want a total makeover or keep everything as is, that’s up to you,” said Hayes.

Survey Highlights

* Reasons to have makeover: increase confidence (34%); just for fun (23%); look special for a special occasion (15%); update their look for seasonal trends (14%); become more beautiful (12%).
* Half of the respondents liked their overall appearance but would like help with creating a simple makeover. When asked what things respondents would like to have done during a makeover, haircut/hairstyles ranked as the number one choice (27%) followed by makeup (26%), clothing advice (24%) and hair color (25%).
* Having a makeover doesn’t come without reservations. The two scariest things about having a makeover are letting someone change their haircut or color (47%) and the reaction of friends (25%).
* Nearly all (90%) of the respondents said they would like to try on their new look before they commit to it.

The survey was conducted online this week and includes responses from 577 people.

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