A Woman About to Have Surgery Busts Out Beyoncé Routine in the OR: Watch

Meghan Blalock

Flash mob videos are a dime for dozen, typically. Whether it’s a group of admirers breaking out a choreographed Beyoncé dance in the middle of a Target store, or an incredibly rehearsed group of prisoners doing their best Michael Jackson, once the phenomenon was born, it’s been unstoppable—and kind of gone under our radar—until we saw this video this morning.

OB-GYN by trade and mother of two Deborah Cohan was scheduled for a double mastectomy to remove both of her breasts in her battle against cancer, but this wasn’t a situation she wanted to take lying down, so to speak. Right before her surgery began (in full OR garb!) she and her team of surgeons busted into Beyoncé’s dance hit “Get Me Bodied.” With uncontrollable laughter, they dance around the room with the volume seemingly on full blast—being careful to avoid any surgical equipment, we assume.

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And the warm fuzzies don’t stop there: on her Caring Bridge page—a website that helps people coping with cancer commune with their friends and loved ones—Deb asked people to submit videos of themselves dancing to Queen Bey. And so many folks responded! Check out their vids here.

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Watch Deborah’s incredible video above! We hope that it starts your day off as happily as it did ours.