8 Supermarket Items That Double As Beauty Products

Rachel Nussbaum
8 Supermarket Items That Double As Beauty Products
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As beautiful, wonderful and joyous as our trips to Sephora are, we can’t always find the time to make our way to the beauty counter. Chalk it up to scheduling conflicts and “lives,” but sometimes our main squeeze just doesn’t make the cut. Instead, we get our fix by taking a little stroll down the supermarket aisle we like to call Health and Beauty. Food is somehow not as easy to go without (go figure), and while we’re there the beauty aisle is like a mini vacation from the monotony of grocery shopping.

After excusing ourselves to The Aisle for a few years, we’ve come up with a few favorites. From the tried-and-true baking soda that replicates the effect of expensive exfoliating scrubs to a low-key moisturizing oil we don’t have to obsess over making last, the benefits are multiple. They’re generally cheap, usually all-natural, and definitely convenient. So sure, we understand that needing a beauty fix may not be the most healthy. But looking at the pros  and cons, we still feel like we’re coming out on top. Check out the slideshow above to join us.

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8 beauty products that are already in your grocery cart, plus how to use them!

Baking soda is a do-it-all kind of purchase, great for whitening
teeth when added to toothpaste, removing hair product residue and as a face scrub. Emma Stone's also a fan, and that's pretty much all we need to know. 

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, $2.95, Soap.com

Photo: Image via Raining Hot Coupons/Image via Raining Hot Coupons

Brown sugar is a main ingredient in most exfoliating lip scrubs, so if your lips are feeling dry and chapped but you don't have time to swing by Sephora, some brown sugar mixed with a small amount honey will do the trick. 

Domino Brownulated Light Brown Pure Cane Granulated Sugar, $7.41, Amazon

Photo: Image via Amazon/Image via Amazon

Jojoba oil is a main ingredient in tons of high-end moisturizers, but the pared-down oil is just as good on its own. A solid, basic moisturizer for sensitive skin, rub just a few drops on before bedtime and wake up to a baby-soft face.

Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil, $5.29, Vitacost

Photo: Image via eVitamins/Image via eVitamins

Manuka honey's thick, sticky texture makes it fantastic for de-clogging pores and reducing inflammation, especially for cystic sufferers. It's on the expensive side, but luckily you only need a tiny bit of it for spot treatments.

Airborne AAH+ Manuka Honey, $29, Amazon

Photo: Image via Health Honey Australia/Image via Health Honey Australia

Although the benefits of toner have always been a little ambiguous, Dickinson's witch hazel works to reduce redness and clear skin with antiseptic magic, leaving it even-toned and breakout-free.

Witch Hazel Dickinson Astringent, $7.35, Amazon

Photo: Image via Amazon/Image via Amazon

Combine this with equal parts water to make a deep-cleaning mask, or apply as an overnight spot treatment to get rid of pimples in your sleep. If you go the mask route, just be wary: The toted "pulsating" feeling is real (increased circulation), which is good, but also leaves skin temporarily pink.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, $4.99, The Vitamin Shoppe

Photo: Image via SuperSupplements/Image via SuperSupplements

Tea tree oil is big ingredient in acne-fighting products like those from more high-end brands, but a cotton swab dunked in this and jojoba oil is our own recipe for success. Tea tree oil is a pretty potent antiseptic and gets rid of pimples in about a minute flat, while jojoba oil keeps the area moisturized to prevent any scarring. Just be sure to dilute the oil with water first, as it can be really strong. 

Desert Essence 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil, $4.59, Swanson Health Products

Photo: Image via eVitamins/Image via eVitamins

Great as a body moisturizer and hair mask (it contains the protein closest to what's naturally found in hair, letting it penetrate deeply), we're especially fond of Nature's Way for its plastic container. Solid coconut oil has to be melted under hot water before you can use it, and the thin plastic lets it heat up quicker than the thick glass that other brands use.

Nature's Way EfaGold® Unrefined Coconut Oil, $8.89, Vitacost

Photo: Image via Shopme.com/Image via Shopme.com

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