Sunscreen Wipes: SPF You Can Pack for Easy Sun Protection

Taylor Post

Protecting our skin comes is priority number one in the summer, but unless we’re planning a day at the beach, lathering up the sunscreen isn’t always at the forefront of our minds. Sometimes you just need something small you can carry around in your bag that won’t require 15 minutes of application and drying time, you know? Entire sunscreen wipes, which are towelettes infused with SPF to make application easier than wiping off makeup.

Forget the mess and greasy feeling that comes with regular sunscreen, because these towelettes are a refreshing wipe that are just as protective as normal sunscreen. Many beauty brands have caught on to the this sunscreen revolution and have come out with their own towelettes. Take a look below at seven sunscreen towelettes that are totally portable and fight UV rays all day!

la fresh

Grab these little guys and go with all-natural SPF 30 towelettes. La Fresh sunscreen wipes are great for any skin type.
La Fresh Travel Sunscreen Wipes, $29.95,

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DermalogicaRefresh and protect with Dermalogica wipes. They are great for everyday use and perfect for hard to reach places.
Dermalogica Solar Defense Wipes, $22,


 Sunscreen Wipes: SPF You Can Pack for Easy Sun Protection


Forget sunspots and aging lines with these wipes from Supergoop. These towelettes help fight UV rays to keep your skin young and beautiful.
Supergoop Sunscreen Swipes, $34,


At the beach or on the go, Tocca sunscreen towelettes are water and sweat-resistant.
Tocca Sunscreen Towelette, $24,

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Smart Shield

Sunburn and bug bites are our only two enemies of summer. Fight both with one sunscreen and insect repelling towelette.
Smartshield Serious Sun Protection, $62.50,


Hydrate your skin while protecting it from the sun’s harmful UV-rays with Daily Sun Shady Wipes.
Shady Wipes Daily Sun Protection Wipes, $10, 

SunXSun-X provides you with a sunscreen towelette infused with aloe vera and vitamin E to give your skin the care it really needs.
Sun-X Sunscreen Towelettes, $37.41,