Your Summer Skin Problems, Solved

Janell M. Hickman
Portrait of young woman on the beach wearing white summer hat


It’s official—summer is here, and skin-baring wardrobe options are a plenty! But how can you confidently rock your latest purchase when you’re suffering from skin problems ranging from dreaded bacne breakouts to heat-inflicted eczema outbreaks? We consulted a few experts to give your summertime body care routine a bit of an overhaul, including do’s (and don’ts) plus product suggestions. We promise, you’ll be in the clear sooner than you think!

Know The Causes of Bacne
“Bacne can be the result of some of the same culprits as facial acne: An excess in oil, hormones, sweat, dirt, and bacteria,” explains Cecilia Wong, founder of her namesake line. “These contributors can cause clogged pores, which can lead to breakouts. Bacne can be a common skin problem for all ages.”

Put In Work
“Consistent exfoliation (about 2-3 times weekly) is the key to brighter, younger-looking skin as it encourages cell turnover by sloughing away dead skin that can build up and cause a dull, sallow-looking complexion,” says Dr. Howard Murad. “Specifically for body acne, exfoliation can help to get rid of the dead skin, sweat and debris that may clog pores and cause breakouts. I recommend a long-handled body brush to help reach the back and shoulder area with the use of a salicylic acid-based body cleanser (like Murad’s Acne Body Wash).”

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Make Your Products Do Double Duty
“Yes, you can use some face products, like Benzyl Peroxide on the face and body,” says Kasey D’Amato, Co-Founder Airelle Skincare. “However, some ingredients like retinols can be very irritating on the body.” When in doubt, try a test patch first!

Minimize Sun Exposure
“Sun exposure may give the initial impression of improving acne but it actually can work against it,” says iS Clinical’s Global Clinical Educator, Sandra Adams. “Since sun exposure creates inflammation deep in the skin which can in turn trigger the acne with over stimulating the oil glands as well. Some products can also dramatically increase sun sensitivity making for surprise sunburn—beware of sun exposure sensitivity and certain types of acne products. I’d recommend iS CLINICAL Eclipse SPF 50+ as a sunscreen option for acne prone skin.”

Calm An Ezcema Outbreak
“Mix a tablespoon of organic greek yogurt with black currant seed oil (or use my Black Currant Serum) and apply to clean skin,” explains Cecilia Wong, founder of her namesake line. “The probiotics found in yogurt fight inflammation while the omega-6 found in black currant seed oil, an essential fatty acid, help to clear ezcema symptoms, leaving skin feeling instantly relieved.”

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Beware Other Emerging Skin
“Summer is common for fungal infections both on the body and the feet,” explains D’Amato. “It is also a common time for light colored freckles to appear in sun exposed areas. People experiencing melasma might see a worsening in the summer months—apply generous amounts of SPF to combat.”

Heat Can Aggravate Your Symptoms
“According to the National Rosacea Society, over half of rosacea patients report their symptoms are the worst during this time of year,” shares Dr. Murad. “Typically, humidity, heat and sun exposure will trigger a rosacea flare-up which makes sense that flare-ups are more aggravated during summer.

Even Out
“Photo damage and acne scarring can lead to uneven pigmentation, large pores and rough skin texture as much on the back as it does on the face,” says Adams. “Hyperpigmentation or brown discolorations are also induced with sun exposure and heat.  If you are prone to hyperpigmentation or heat induced discolorations it is vital to protect the skin during the summer season. A mild deep pore cleansing product daily, along with a topical botanical exfoliant like iS CLINCIAL Active Serum can help to improve the discolorations and texture along with iS CLINIAL Cleansing Complex.”