Summer-Proof Your Makeup

Rachel Hayes
Cameron Diaz makeup

Cameron Diaz knows how to keep her makeup
from melting off in the scorching summer heat
Photo: © Michael Bezjian/

Summer is here and with it comes soaring temperatures, sky-high humidity and lots and lots of sweat. All of which makes keeping your makeup from sliding off your face an almost impossible feat.

“Heat and humidity break down the makeup formulas, causing everything from mascara to lip gloss to separate and smear,” says Chase Aston, The Body Shop’s international makeup artist, whose clients include Cameron Diaz and Elle McPherson. Read on to find out how to keep your makeup in place when things start heating up.

Start with a clean, primed face. Excess oil on the skin can cause slippage faster than you can say “oil slick.” Prep your skin by cleansing and toning, then moisturize with a mattifying lotion. Aston recommends applying an oil-free face primer to give your makeup extra staying power.

Body Shop Hot Brights Lip & Cheek Stain

– Choose oil-free, water-resistant products. “Most makeup formulas contain natural oils that, once they warm up, will tend to slip and slide all over the face,” says Aston. Instead of a cream foundation, choose a lightweight mineral powder foundation. Create a smudgeproof eye by using powder shadows and a waterproof liner and mascara. For lips and cheeks, ditch the heavy lipstick and melt-prone cream blushes in favor of sweat-resistant lip and cheek stains. He suggests The Body Shop Hot Brights Lip Shine and Cheek Stain. Find out some of our favorite waterproof picks too!

– Stop a meltdown in its tracks. If your makeup starts to slide around midday, use a large white tissue to gently blot down your hairline, eyes, corners of the nose, lips, chin and jawline to soak up oil and clean up smudges. If your eye shadow has creased, close your eyelid and press your finger against it to smooth the remaining shadow and wipe away liner and mascara. Wipe your lips clean and add a wash of balm or gloss to freshen up.