Summer Nail Fun: We Take Our Favorite Polishes to Unexpected Places

Rachel Adler


While we may be constantly painting our nails (or let’s face it, spending our hard-earned cash to get them professionally done) we’ve never really sat back to take the time to think about what nail polish can really do. So, we decided to do just that – with the help from the team at Root Studios – taking some of the hottest shades for summer and trying them out in a variety of new ways. What ways you ask? Ever wondered what your polish would look like poured in water? Or lit on fire? Or maybe even cracked out of an egg shell?

In case your imagination is as strange as ours, we put all of these things to the test, with some pretty fantastic results that you’ll appreciate. Below are just a few of our favorite shots of the fun (complete with the details of the polishes used, because what kind of beauty experts would we be if we didn’t provide you with the color details?) And, stay tuned as we’ll be releasing some exciting polish-filled videos soon!


WHITE: This summer, it’s not just time to wear your summer white clothing, but you can also accessorize your nails in white too – or of course, do as we did and drip the white polish all over your brand new bouquet. When it comes to a great white polish, look for an opaque shade that covers in just two coats. We’re particularly fond of Essie’s Blanc and Deborah Lippmann’s Amazing Grace for great coverage and no chips. (Essie in Blanc, $8.50,; Deborah Lippmann in Amazing Grace, $18,

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METALLIC: Soft metallic hues are right on trend for summer, from shimmering silvers to subtle golds and delicate bronzes. We like to think of the trend as all of the shades in our favorite bronzing makeup palettes, now put to use on our nails. Plus, wouldn’t it be great if your egg always cracked glitter yolk?  (Morgan Taylor in Give Me Gold, $24.95, ; Illamasqua in Trilliant, $17,; NCLA Candy Coat in Butter Me Up, $16.99,; Formula X in Moon Walk, $12.50,


ORANGE: Everyone has been talking about orange lately, and it’s not just because of the hit Netflix show. The bright hue has been spotted on the runways, on lips, and now all over nails. Whether you opt for a fiery red-orange or a true tangerine shade, this color is perfect for the summertime. And next time when you hear someone tell you that nail polish is flammable, you’ll believe them!  (Deborah Lippmann in Don’t Stop Believin’, $18,


PASTEL: While many people were cautious of the pastel makeup trend, pastel nail polish is an entirely different story. Everyone loves a great mint polish, soft yellow, or lavender to paint on their nails during the warmer months, especially when you have a great tan going. But we have to ask – does anyone want to go back to Easter after seeing this egg? (Essie in Mint Candy Apple, $8.50,; Essie in Neo Whimsical, $8.50,; Essie in Blanc, $8.50,; Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Mellow Yellow, $2.99,

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BLUE: Bright blue polish has been one of the most rampant trends for summer, with colors ranging from vivid blues to softer, baby blue shades. If you’re looking for a way to step out of the box and you’re sick of the neon trend (but still want to go bright) blue is the perfect solution. Can you believe this is nail polish dropped into water? Now we know what you’re doing tonight. (JINSOON in Cool Blue, $18,

Joshua Steen, Capture Director, Root Studios

Abbey Zembower, Director’s Assistant, Root Studios
Tron Lennon, Director, Root Studios
Brett Ross, Lighting Director, Root Studios
Sarah Reynolds, Creative Director, Root Studios
Rolando Robinson, Illustrations, StyleCaster
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