The Brightest and Boldest Nail Art Ideas You’ll Be Wanting to Wear This Summer

The Brightest and Boldest Nail Art Ideas You’ll Be Wanting to Wear This Summer
Photo: ImaxTree. Design: Ashley Britton/STYLECASTER.

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Some of us are okay with a fresh coat of polish. And some of us like taking things a step further. This time of year, that means pulling out all the stops and going in with the best summer nail art Instagram can find. Personally, I don’t even see the point of spending money at a salon if you’re not going to invest in something that goes beyond a basic solid color.

This year’s seasonal finds, including essie’s Argentinean-inspired set and Morgan Taylor’s Rocketman capsule line, haven’t disappointed as far as shades are concerned. They’re bright and punchy, including everything from soft pastels to muted neutrals and of course, in-your-face neons. When used in combination, they can create designs that’ll be just enough pizazz for a minimalist and the start of an audacious head-to-toe look for a maximalist. But if you’re not a celebrity pro whose job is to create red carpet-ready designs, it can be challenging to conjure something off the top of your head.

So instead, I recommend taking your research to Instagram, where a variety of nail art hashtags is guaranteed to never disappoint. From rainbow tips to floral accents, here’s a slew of summer nail art ideas worth screenshotting before your next appointment.

Tie-dye realness.

Glossy red and muted lilac.

Pastels FTW.

Think pink.

In full bloom.



Taste the rainbow.

Glitter up.

Beautiful blooms.

Stain glass tips.

3-D sunflowers.

Manga eyes.

Banana french nails.


Neon mattes.

Kid drawings.

Spell it out.

Delicate sky blue.

The eyes have it.

Iridescent stilettos.

Pink heatwave.

Rainbow accents.

Half-moon tacos.

A touch of leopard.

Mint pastel.

Rainbow stripes.

3-D blooms.

’70s leopard.


Multi-colored kisses.

Pride drip.

Clouds in the sky.

Little rectangles.

Speckle tips.

Techno princess tie-dye.

Peach feels.

Pastel ombres.

Cherry blossoms.

Jade marble.

Connect the dots.

Came through drippin’.

Tweety and dotty.

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