Summer Makeup: How To Get The Perfect Lilac Smoky Eye For Night

Summer Makeup: How To Get The Perfect Lilac Smoky Eye For Night
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The summer heat, humidity and sun generally requires a downshift in our makeup routines. Whether its going lighter on foundation to let your natural tan shine through or artfully sweeping on bronzer for a “natural” tan, the summer months necessitate a beauty change up. There’s nothing worse than sweating away your foundation and mascara mid- July and ending the day looking like a wet raccoon.

However, for the summer nights when you need a little more than mascara, try this lightly smoky eye that adds just the hint of shimmery lilac color. Taryn Potenza of the Pamela Taylor Makeup Studio gives us the step-by-step beauty tips on getting the look!

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Step 1: Sweep a natural color over your entire eye lid and on your brow bone. The natural color should not have any shimmer or else itÂ’s going to be too overwhelming for a summer look.

Step 2: Press a lilac eye shadow with just a little bit of shimmer into the crease and along your lash line. Blend the shadow in with the natural shadow.

Step 3: Take a dark plum eye shadow with a faint metallic sheen or shimmer and press it into the crease. Start at the outer corner of the eye and blend it across the crease and the lid.

Step 4: Line the top lash line with liquid eye liner. Go over the liquid liner with a black eye liner pencil but only go 2/3rds of the way across the eye. Then gently smudge the pencil line for a soft smoky effect.

Finish off the look with mascara and a nude lip to balance the face and you're all set to hit the town!

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