The Most Popular Haircuts of the Summer, as Told By Salon Stylists

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The Most Popular Haircuts of the Summer, as Told By Salon Stylists
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Resorting to that regular trim or perhaps a big chop for the sole purpose of getting your hair off your back is all fine and dandy, but the season that’s got a reputation for fresh starts, carefree fun, and adventure does kind of deserve a hairstyle to match. We brought you some of the hottest haircuts for 2015 (an entire year’s worth of lobs, pixies, and layers to keep even the most restless hair girl busy for at least 52 weeks), but now we’re honing in on the time at hand. Is the lob still relevant? What are all those girls with short hair asking for when they hit up their salon? We spoke with experts who gave us the scoop on some of the top-trending and most popular requests in their salons. Check it out in the sideshow above.

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Want to finally go for some fringe? It's your time. Date Pronio, Senior Stylist at Mizu New York Salon, says that adding in fringe is an ideal way to break up the shape of a hairstyle without going way too crazy with the layering. In fact, Date says that hair "that's long but not too long, still above the chest but below the collar bone" has been one of the most requested 'dos thus far. Something to note? The style should be more square as opposed to overtly angled.

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Mizu Salon stylist Date Pronio says that girls that went short (think shorter lob territory) may want to go shorter with a cut that's above the collar but holds a blunter edge and wears well with a loose, textured style. "The shape here is the strength, so fringe and layers aren't necessary if the shape is done well, but fringes always making a striking presence," says Date. "Rosamund Pike has worn variations of this style very well since her role in 'Gone Girl.'"

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"Instead of the voluptuous, blown-out, big hair, you see more of the grungy 'undone-done' style," explains Dop Dop Salon Stylist Amber Alster who says that long textured hair with minimal face-framing, long layers is in. She calls attention to Kylie Jenner or Sarah Jessica Parker who have made these 'dos their signature.

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Ever heard of the phrase "disconnected undercut." Well, Dop Dop Salon Stylist Amber Alster says it's a popular choice for those with short hair this summer. "A disconnected undercut is when the sides of the hair are short and one length and the top is longer. This creates a noticeable contrast between the sides and the top of the hair," she says.

The main difference between a "disconnected undercut" is that it blends slightly. Amber says that a regular undercut is meant to be a strong contrast between long layers and possibly shaved sides.

"Scarlett Johansson has shaved sides and longer on top. Kaley Cuoco has a softer version, keeping the sides longer but still disconnected from the top. Both can wear their hair soft and feminine or punky and playful. There can be many versions of this haircut, so bringing a picture of the style you like is best to show your stylist," she says.

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Got a lob? Shorter hair girls may want to go even shorter, but remember to ask your stylist to give it texture and some layers cut with a razor. "Pushing the parting further off to one side or the other gives it a modern feel by making it feel slightly asymmetric and keeping it out of 'mom bob' territory," says Cutler Senior Stylist Tim Brad. "Have it cut with a razor and have the weight removed from the interior of the haircut for a textured, easy to manage summer style," he explains.

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Piece-y textures with very long layers (that appear subtle and piece-y) are in, explains Cutler Senior Stylist Tim Brad. "The most asked for long haircut I'm seeing right now has length about 3 inches below the collarbone with a longer fringe opening the cheekbones and jawline with very long layers," he says. He points to Karlie Kloss as a veteran of this hairstyle.

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