How To Transition To Summer Foundation


Between regular applications of self-tanner and hours spent on the beach (yes, we tried  to stay under the umbrella all day), our foundation can end up looking ghostly against sun-kissed summer skin. We spoke with makeup artist Melissa Silver for Maybelline New York to find out the best way to transition to a summer foundation.

Whether or not you’ve heard those tips on blending different colors — adding bronzer to your everyday foundation or using a loose powder bronzer on top — Silver recommends buying a whole new foundation for the summer months. “My best advice is to have a summer foundation and a winter one! If you wear it every day, chances are you’ll go through it within the season. A tinted moisturizer is more forgiving in the transition time [between winter and summer] than a totally different shade.”

This is one makeup item you cannot purchase online. “Depending on how tan you get, you’ll need to go up a shade or two,” Silver says. “Sampling is always best if possible — check out the foundation on your skin in natural light a few hours after you’ve applied since sometimes they can oxidize and change colors.”

The trick with summer foundation is that you want coverage that still highlights that gorgeous summer glow. “Apply your foundation with a damp sponge to give a more sheer finish. Then use the most translucent powder you can — too much powder on tan skin can look muddy,” Silver warns. “Make sure you add some glowy pink or peach to the apples of your cheeks for a fresh look.”

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