Universally Flattering Summer Colors to Wear Now

Janell M. Hickman
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While one size may not fit all, certain shades do happen to flatter most skin tones. Whether your skin is alabaster, ebony, or somewhere in between—you can’t go wrong with professional advice on selecting the right summer colors for you. Now punch up your summer look—and hit the makeup aisle with confidence. Read on for the expert scoop!

Find The Right Characteristics
“To be truly universal, a shade has to aim down the middle,” shares Creative Director of ModelLauncher Cosmetics, Tatjana Stepakina. “It must have neutral undertones and a texture that can be blended out or layered for more intensity. For lip colors, I find that true reds, candy pinks, sunset oranges, peachy corals and warm beige-pinks brighten all skin tones instantly.”

Don’t Forget About Sheers (And Metallics)
“Shades are truly flattering when there is a sheer wash of color—when your natural skin (or lip tone) shines through,” explains Kryolan makeup artist, Kelly Thompson. “It’s fool-proof because it’s still you, but with a compliment. Metallic colors (silver, bronze, gold) also have universal appeal because there is a metal color for every skin color.”

Start Off Slow
“Taupe is a beauty virgin’s best friend—especially since neutral colors are neither warm nor cool,” explains Stepakina. “Earthy brown shades and beiges can take on warm or cool tones depending on the colors surrounding them, and therefore will adjust and balance out your skin instantly.”

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Find Your Red
“If you are a first time wearer, start by using a sheer version of red. Once you get comfortable with the color, you can move on to a more pigmented version,” explains Makeup Academy’s Russ Brouse. “[The more adventurous should] test out all types of shades and see what your favorites become.

Determine Your Undertone
“Undertones are essential in choosing the right beauty products to flatter your individual skin,” explains Stepakina. See below for her easy tips on finding yours with ease.

You have a “cool” undertone if:
– The veins on your wrist are blue or purple
– Silver jewelry flatters your skin
– You have a pink hue to your skin, containing red tones especially around your eyes and nose.
– You tend to burn easily under the sun

You have a “neutral” undertone if:
-The veins on your wrist are blue-green
– Both gold and silver jewelry flatters your skin
– Your skin doesn’t contain any distinguishable pink or yellow undertones

You have a “warm” undertone if:
– The veins on your wrist are green or olive
– Gold jewelry flatters your skin
– When you look at your skin in the sun, it appears yellow
– Your skin contains very little redness
– You tend to tan easily under the sun.

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Infuse A Little Color
“Plum or navy liner looks good on any skin tone—it’s dark enough to enhance eyes but doesn’t have the harshness of black. I’d suggest Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner,” shares Thompson.

Make It Look Modern
“When choosing neon eye shadows, you want to turn up the volume on your eye color. Bright yellows and golds amplify blue eyes beautifully,” shares Stepakina. “For green eyes, use its compliment—violet, burgundy, red-based browns and pinks. For brown eyes, try deep purples.”

Coordination Is Key
“The best way to start incorporating color is to introduce a multipurpose product,” shares Thompson. “Everything will coordinate so don’t have to worry if you are coordinating or matching colors. It’s fast and easy, especially on the go—try Kryolan Lip’N’Cheek.”

Select The “Right” Red
There are two types of red lipsticks: Blue/Red or an Orange/Red. Blue/Red is more classic, old Hollywood and looks better with pink skin tones. The Orange/Red shade is a little brighter and can be more shocking– this looks better on skin with yellow skin tones.