Exclusive Lifebooker Deal: Time To Say “Happy Trails” To Unwanted Body Hair

Summer K

Let’s get real. We all have body hair, and unfortunately, some of us are more “blessed” than others. Sure, you can shave, pluck or wax it away, but as someone who’s sick and tired of spending countless hours and money at the drugstore, I knew this summer had to be different. It was time to bring out the big guns (or in this case, the big laser).

Laser hair removal has become pretty common, but there’s a lot of misconceptions you should know about before you book an appointment. First, you’re going to get the best results if you have thick, coarse body hair (so wimpy blonde hair need not apply). Secondly, it’s NOT a permanent solution (that only happens with electrolysis) or a one time thing. As you age and your hormones change, you’ll continue to produce body hair (most likely in weird places you’ll be hesitant to discuss and paranoid about if you’re still in that early dating stage and faking like you’re a natural beauty). It also requires patience and commitment. Each treatment is spaced out in six week intervals, so it’s not a quick-fix. YES, you’ll see immediate results, but not the bare skin you crave until you’ve gone through the entire process.

What To Expect: As someone with a stubborn happy trail, I was more than a little psyched to hit NuVision Surgical and MedSpa in NYC for my first treatment. Beauty High Director Rachel Adler had warned me her experience in laser hair removal had been somewhat painful, but in doing my research, most people reported it was like being snapped with a rubber band (which is annoying but not a deal breaker in my book).

The staff was really nice and had me fill out a skin profile before I got started. As they explained to me, shaving beforehand is a must, not exposing the area to sun before or after is important and everyone’s experience is different (so given my pale skin and dark hair, I was pretty much ideal). The laser they used came with a built in coolant, so no topical anesthetic would be used. All in all, my time there would be short (we’re talking ten minutes tops) and I wouldn’t have to take off anything — I just needed to unbutton my pants and roll them down so they could mark off the area with a white grease pen.

I was escorted into a room and asked to wear a pair of metal goggles to protect my eyes. The spa tech gave me a brief pep talk before it started, letting me know coarser hair might hurt when zapped, but otherwise it should be pretty painless. As I braced for impact, I was pleased to find she was right, and I only experienced a few seconds of discomfort. Following the procedure, I was instructed to not work out or expose the area to extreme heat or irritants for 24 hours. (FYI: No sun exposure is important too, so it’s probably best to start a laser hair removal regimen in the fall or winter if you plan on getting your legs, arms, face stomach or bikini line zapped for the beach.

Two Weeks Later: I’ve already noticed a decrease in hair growth in the area I had treated. While it’s not gone yet, I’m psyched to go back for my second treatment in a month and see where that leaves me. Again, everyone is different, so while most people need at least six sessions, some can need more OR less depending on you hair type and skin tone.

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Happy lasering!

Photo: Lifebooker.com