Summer Hair Survival Tips

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Summer Hair Survival Tips
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While summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the fabulous weather, all that sun and fun can be brutal on your strands. Chlorine, saltwater and UV rays contribute to everything from green-tinged color to fried ends. We asked celebrity colorist Kim Vo and Tresemm celebrity stylist Jeanie Syfu for the scoop on how to keep hair healthy during summer's hottest days. Check out their tips to make your strands look sexy, shiny and strong, like Whitney Port's, all summer long.

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Prior to hitting the pool or beach, Vo recommends washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. When washing out the conditioner, make sure to leave some of it in to help hair soak in moisture while you soak up the sun. Then, dreate a loose braid, like Nicole Kidman's here. Once the sun goes down, take out your braid and finger comb hair to create loose waves that will look perfect for dinner, drinks, or wherever the night may take you.

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Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean your hair is. Damaged hair tends to show signs of distress, including split ends and breakage, which is why Syfu maintains that it is so important to keep up with your regular trims over the summer months. She advises you get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks to keep hair healthy, and make sure split en ds and damage does not occur. Now's the perfect time to try a cute bob like Brooklyn Decker!

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Hanging in the pool is a fun way to cool off, but chlorine can turn blonde locks like Rachel McAdams' an unflattering green. To prevent your strands from going all Swamp Thing, Vo suggests applying Kim Vo Moisturizing Masque to damp hair, then covering your head with a swim cap. Damage already done? Apply organic ketchup to wet hair, let sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it out and shampoo and condition as normal.

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Between the sun and chlorine, your hair color doesn't stand a chance. To prevent freshly-colored hair like Drew Barrymore's from fading, Syfu recommends using a clarifying shampoo right after you get out of the swimming pool. The chlorine and other chemicals in the water can be quickly absorbed into the hair strand, causing hair to dry out or even change color, which is why it's so important to wash them out immediately.

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Your hair is already stressed enough; heat styling is only going to make that fried, frazzled feeling worse. Try to skip out on the daily blowout and flat iron routine if possible. If you simply must blow hair dry, Syfu says to apply an anti-frizz serum to strands first for ultimate sleekness, then do an express blowout for gorgeous, shiny hair like Kelly Rowland.

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Long hair like Nina Dobrev's is extremely delicate, especially in the summer months. "Always use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and, because hair is quite fragile and mature at the ends, definitely use a leave-in conditioner for added protection," says Syfu.

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An updo is a pretty way to keep your hair up and off your neck. Steer clear of stiff, elaborate styles (they'll likely wilt in the heat) and opt for an effortless updo like Miranda Cosgove. To get her tousled ponytail, Syfu says it's all about the texture. Take your pony from boring to beach babe by applying a dab of Tresemm 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse, scrunching it into your hair for a more boho look.

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Sweat, dirt and oil can cause hair to look greasy. To ditch the oil-slicked strands, and pump up the volume of your 'do like Zooey Deschanel, Syfu says to be sure to have dry shampoo handy. "On hot summer days, a dry shampoo absorbs oil and dirt so your hair stays clean, refreshing your style and also adding a bit of volume."

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Lack of moisture and sun exposure can leave your locks looking fried. To infuse them with healthy hydration and shine like Selena Gomez, Vo recommends using coconut milk--it has moisture and protein-building ingredients that are great for hydrating parched locks. Try this DIY hair-hydrating recipe: Combine equal parts coconut milk with a moisturizing conditioner. Apply to wet hair and leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse. Your hair will have loads of shine and will look instantly healthier!

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An increase in humidity will cause your strands to go into a frizz free-for-all. Since wet hair absorbs extra moisture in the air, your hair has to be completely dry before you step outside. Give the double blowdry a try: Use a blowdryer to dry your hair as normal, wait 10 minutes for hair to cool down, then finish drying any leftover damp areas. By letting your hair cool, you can identify which spots aren't totally dry and blast them again, ensuring your 'do stays sleek and chic like Lyndsy Fonseca here.

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