Beauty Buzz: Suki Waterhouse Is a Redken Muse, Eyebrow Products Perfect For Redheads, More

Victoria Moorhouse
Suki Waterhouse for Redken

Photo Courtesy of Redken

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1. Suki Waterhouse has been announced as Redken’s new muse, joining the impressive ranks of insiders like Lea T, Soo Joo Park, and stylist Guido. She’ll be repping the brand’s new Diamond Oil Glow Dry blow-drying product out next month. [Beauty High Inbox]

2. The best eyebrow products for redheads, explained. [Daily Makeover]

3. Just when you thought there was a Hello Kitty collab for everything, NCLA teamed up with the famous character for an adorable nail wrap series. We. Want. Now. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

4. Dry shampoo isn’t just for dry hair. Turns out, the stuff can be used on wet hair to boost volume. [Byrdie]

5. Burt Shavitz, the founder of Burt’s Bees, has sadly passed away. Here’s a look back at how he founded the natural-based beauty brand. [Allure]